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Projects - Solutions

Projects - Solutions

Examples of projects undertaken/under way

- Optimisation of the PVD laser coating process: preparation of the surface before coating and removal of the coating for repair
- Improvement of the press tool dry ice cleaning process: optimum cleaning with use of robot on the machine in operation

Note: this information is based on actual quotes and any data can only be stated subject to confidentiality. This allows an idea of the gains following a single mode of cleaning being improved.

Optimisation of the laser PVD coating process

Context of the study
Compression of parts for shaping prior to sintering

Service life due to wear (2,000 parts per tooling), machine frequently stopped for manual cleaning by brush (every 100 cycles)

Improvements provided by BS Innoclean
1) Direct results :
- Improved tooling wear 12,000 parts per tooling (x6)
- Machine stopped less for cleaning: 500 cycles (x5)

2) Laser surface preparation:
- Removal of organic residues
- Roughness homogeneization
- Removal of delicate areas of the surface material

3) Coating cleaned by laser treatment :
- Removal of the coating without damaging the substrate
- No waste created
- Only a few seconds of treatment

Calculated gain (by way of example) for the production of 100,000 parts
1) Tooling service life: cost of repairs divided by 6 
Initial cost of repairs to tooling : €50,000
Cost after improvement: €8,330

2) Machine downtime: the machine is stopped every 10 minutes for 1 minute
After improvement: the machine is stopped every 50 minutes for 1 minute
For one production run, downtime for cleaning is reduced by 80%. 

3) Reduction of % scrap: with the tools being more uniform, the amount of scrap due to poor quality is reduced by the same amount: It is estimated in this case that the risk of scrap is reduced from 5 to 1%
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Improvement to the in-situ dry ice tool cleaning process

Context of the study
IIntegration of an in-situ cleaning system and set to the operation of an existing machine

The old cleaning system using a brushing robot becomes compromised over time, creates wear on the brushes, creates protrusions, is not 100% efficient and treatment time is too long. Cleaning frequency: 20 cycles, cleaning duration: 45 seconds

Improvements provided by BS INNOCLEAN
1) Direct results :
- Increased cleaning frequency: 100 cycles
- Reduced cleaning duration: 6 seconds

2) Indirect results
- No management of brush stock
- Uniform and 100% efficient cleaning
- The system can be used to clean tools when the machine is stopped
- Simple cleaning programme that can be used for all tools: reduction in programming time

Calculation of gain (by way of example) for the production of 100,000 parts
1) Machine downtime for automatic cleaning :
The brush cleaning robot intervenes every 200 seconds for 45 seconds, i.e. for the production of 100,000 parts: 20% of the production time.
After improvement: the dry ice cleaning system intervenes every 1,000 seconds for 6 seconds: i.e. 0.6% of the production time. For one production run, the downtime for automatic cleaning is reduced by 95%.

2) Additional gains Brush, additional time for adjusting the machine, scrap for poor uniformity of the cleaning due to wear during operation
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