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Implementing innovative surface preparation and cleaning solutions in industry

Industrial consulting in innovative surface preparation/cleaning solutions
Study, analysis and advice for industries in the field of innovative surface preparation/cleaning systems.

Sale and installation of cleaning systems
In partnership with a number of experienced suppliers, BS INNOCLEAN supplies directly to industry and deals with the installation and integration of cleaning systems.

BS INNOCLEAN offers its clients completely automated integration dealing with the specification of the type of robot, installation, programming, tool design, integration into the production line, testing, staff training and after-sales service.

BS INNOCLEAN provides training adapted to the users, and monitors how the installations are used in order to allow optimum operation.
BS INNOCLEAN creates a network of suppliers for whom 'innovative process' and 'exchange of industrial experience' training will be offered via technical days.
BS INNOCLEAN will organise conferences with privileged clients in order to announce innovations in the field of environmentally friendly contact-less cleaning.

Industrial outsourcing
BS INNOCLEAN offers the option of treating its clients parts while accounting for the demands of products and deadlines.
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